Bridging times

Bridging times

Transferring funds between blockchains requires finality on the source chain.

Below are typical bridging times for each source chain.



Source ChainDomainNumber of blocksAverage time
Ethereum06513 minutes
Avalanche1120 seconds
Optimism265 ETH Blocks13 minutes
Arbitrum365 ETH Blocks13 minutes
Noble4120 seconds
Base665 ETH Blocks13 minutes
Polygon72008 minutes


Source ChainDomainNumber of blocksAverage time
Ethereum Goerli051 minute
Avalanche Fuji1120 seconds
OP Goerli2520 seconds
Arbitrum Goerli3520 seconds
Noble Testnet4120 seconds
Base Goerli6520 seconds
Polygon PoS Mumbai7120 seconds


IBC transfers typically take 13 seconds. The timing of an IBC transfer depends on 3rd party relayers and the network conditions of both chains.